About Us

Trouble understanding the Danish tax system? We  understand, we speak English and we can help.

Since 2007 we have been assisting numerous international clients with tax issues.


Our services are;

How to start a company in Denmark.

Tax advise and planing.

Pension matters.

Property advise.

Airbnb and others income.

25 % tax §.

Service check of current income and taxation.

Help with SKAT.dk, 'Forskudsopgørelse' etc.

Avoiding tax trouble in case of movement/transfer to other country.

We also provide services like housing, obtaining NEMID, NEMKONTO,  bank account etc.

Among our customers are several non Europeans, as well as EU citizens. Feel free to contact with any issue you may have.


Please contact owner and chief accountant Jannik Petersen via mail jp@relianceandco.com or telephone 51902241  


Inger Hansen

10 years expierence in bookkeeping and VAT matters

Jannik Petersen

Owner with plus 15 years expierence in tax and VAT matters.